Learn how to create a quality sports culture at your sporting club or association that is inclusive and supportive of ALL its members.

Creating a Sports Club Culture

Do you remember when your club used to be a buzz of social activity after mid-week training and weekend games?

Sports Clubs are placed where their members feel a sense of honour and belonging, and provided a family friendly location, a social point for meet-ups, and a place for business networking.

Today, many sports clubs and sports associations struggle just to retain their members, let alone have an increase in patronage at club events. 

Without strong memberships, successful fundraising programs, and of course sponsorships, sports club revenue drops off and club tends to fall into disarray quickly.

How do you get people back to the clubhouse?

Well, today’s younger generation (e.g. millennials and gen y) who are part of your club do things a little differently than what your management group probably realise.  Sending out an email or txt message about a social or fundraising event probably won’t be seen.

Sports clubs need to move their information and communications online. The faster they adopt digital marketing and eCommerce, the better traction they will have with their audience.

Sports clubs also need to deal with the multi-cultural diversity of its members.

The days of the $1 sausage sizzle or cheap beers at the bar no longer suit the majority of nationalities who are members of your club.  It’s critical that you make changes to cater for specific dietary requirements and even religious beliefs.

It’s now a fundamental task for any sports club or association to ensure they have a ‘culture’ that is inclusive and supportive of all its members.

ONLY when you have a quality culture will your club have the ability to engage ALL its members and continue to grow its membership. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

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