How small business owners and managers can learn to deal with their stress and anxiety while battling to survive the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Dealing with the stress and anxiety of running a business during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mentoring small businesses through COVID-19

With the economy on its knees from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, small business owners and senior management are left to make serious decisions that will ultimately shape the future of their business and its employees.

  • Is the Coronavirus impacting your business?
  • Are you fighting to get sales through the door?
  • Are you struggling to pay staff wages and expenses?
  • Are you stressed, wondering if your business is going to survive?

It’s crucial that you stay across the vital information and updates being released by the Government.

However, if you’re like me, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to filter out the constant negative news stories.  Each day, it seems to be harder to remain positive and motivated in order to deal with the continuous business challenges that arise each day.

Staying positive IS a core ingredient in the recipe to coping with stress and anxiety through a crisis.

The anxiety from the Pandemic is REAL and cannot be ignored!

Mental Health Self-Evaluation

Here are 10 behavioural and physical changes that identify if you are suffering stress or anxiety.
Do you answer Yes or No to these questions?

  • Are you withdrawing from family and friends?
  • Are you withdrawing from activities that you normally enjoy?
  • Do you have changes in your sleep patterns?
  • Have you found changes in your energy or activity levels?
  • Are you experiencing changes in eating habits?
  • Are there changes in your alcohol and/or drug use?
  • Are you experiencing weight gains or loss?
  • Is there a loss of interest in your appearance and hygiene?
  • Are you pre-occupied with a particular issue or scenario?
  • Are you feeling less motivation or interested?

In these unprecedented times, it’s only natural that we can feel helpless, and frightened from a future that out of our control. How do we keep ourselves on an even emotional keel?

Here are some practical steps to help small business owners and managers to deal with their stress and anxiety while running a business during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Work from a Plan!

Stop running around doing a thousand tasks and then feel like you’ve achieved nothing!

Build yourself a Coronavirus Business Contingency Plan to help you adjust your business process and scale up your marketing, communications, sales, and operational requirements to deal with the changed Coronavirus conditions.

Sort your own Mental Health FIRST!

When you are outside of your regular routine and restricted in the things you can do each day, it’s VERY easy to fall into a rut. Here are some tips that I’ve used to help deal with working from home and its isolation (and no travel).

  • Keep up some exercise and movement
  • Stay in touch with people via the phone or video call
  • Establish a good sleeping pattern
  • Eat well
  • Put some structure around your day
  • Create a to-do list each day
  • Connect with your team through a series of fun activities
  • Find things that help you to relax
  • Get around your friends network more
  • Limit your social media and source ‘trusted’ news channels
  • DO NOT work on weekends!

Change up your Business NOW!

Don’t just keep on doing the same things, hoping that business will improve!

It’s absolutely critical that you step back and re-evaluate your customer’s needs (current and future), and also how you should be transacting with them.

Add any applicable improvement tasks into your plan, and create a to-do list each day.
IMPORTANT: Keep yourself focused and motivated.

Here are a few items that I’ve used in my own companies, and also for my clients:

  • Create a COVID-19 compliance plan for your business and communicate this to staff, customers and vendors
  • Adapt your brand marketing message to be more empathetic
  • Increase your staff engagement and communications
  • Evaluate your costs and streamline processes to be more efficient
  • Review your sales pipeline and evaluate how to close any sales opportunities
  • Adjust your sales plan to become short-term-focused
  • Change up your marketing campaigns and communications
  • Evaluate your supply chain and distribution processes
  • Engage more with your suppliers and vendors
  • Ramp up your online sales channels via eCommerce
  • Plan an Omnichannel marketing and sales program
  • Make an effort to speak with highly-motivated people more often
  • Organise financial support via government grants and deferred loans
  • Give back and offer more help to others…

Get Yourself some Support

You are not alone.
There are many support services designed to help businesses through these tough times who can help in specific areas of your business e.g. sales, marketing, business strategy, business mentoring.

Australian Government:
Robert Durrant Business Mentoring:

There are also specialist support groups that you can talk about how you are feeling.

Beyond Blue:
Heads Up:

Australian Government Coronavirus Updates & Assistance

Marketing your Business during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Running a Small Business during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Ask for Help!

Whether your business has closed or is still operating, I’m are here to help you through the toughest of times. 

Robert Durrant Mentoring provides you with high-performance business mentoring and coaching services. 

I’ve been helping a number of companies to become more ‘agile’ to deal with the changing trading environment during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

My COVID Mentoring Bundle is a low cost, direct engagement service to help your business to solve problems, adapt to COVID-19, and remain focused.

Our bundle of 4 x meet-up sessions ($100 each) are conducted via Zoom meeting or Skype.

If you’re not sleeping because you are worried about your business, please send me a message and let me explain how this special COVID Mentoring Bundle might work for you.

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