Why it’s crucial for any entrepreneur to be working with a Business Mentor or Coach to access invaluable business support, advice and guidance.

Entrepreneur Mentoring

There is only so much information you can get from friends, family, online ‘experts’, publications, and even networking events in general.

Sure, they can provide you with a steady flow of business news, industry developments, and case studies BUT they cannot provide you with real-life experience and expertise.

ONLY a Business Mentor can provide you with knowledge and guidance on an ongoing basis, and in a manner that can have a direct, positive impact on the growth of your business and its overall strategic planning.

Being an entrepreneur is, by definition, a journey into the unknown!

Every day will present itself with a range of fantastic opportunities and inspiration, but they are quickly followed by the challenges to implement and support them.

Entrepreneur’s LIVE for this excitement and being pushed outside their comfort zone.

This risk-taking trait is also the fundamental reason why they are, in fact, ‘an entrepreneur’ as opposed to just another small business owner.

Their goal is to provide something different and unique that will ultimately change people’s lives and cause a significant ‘industry disruption’.

However, while each challenge might be new and exciting for them, for others, who have already travelled a similar path, they most probably have already seen and resolved this same issue?

This is a key factor to why it’s SO important for entrepreneurs to engage with a Business Mentor or Coach.

The benefits of having a Mentor are too often underestimated!

Any entrepreneur that tells you that having a Mentor isn’t helpful has simply never found the right Mentor.

The right Mentor will have an exceedingly positive impact on both the private life of an entrepreneur and the performance of the business.

Learn how to choose a Business Mentor [Learn How]

Benefits of Entrepreneur Mentoring

A great Entrepreneur Mentor will come with a vast range of skills and experience around start-up businesses.

They can also provide instant access to a network of other service providers who are experts in their field and can add significant value to the growth of your start-up business.

Once you’ve chosen the right Entrepreneur Mentor, they will;

  • Help you with business planning, strategy and tactics
  • Helping you to stay focused and motivated
  • Provide you with quality advice and guidance
  • Help you to set and achieve your goals and milestones
  • Provide you with ongoing support and professional development
  • Help you with skills coaching and development
  • Provide training and educational services
  • Show you how to leverage your successes with your team.

Make the most of your Entrepreneur Mentor

Mentors ARE successful people, and as such, they tend to be busy.

Once you find yourself a GREAT mentor, you need to make the most out of their time. Get your own time sorted and your discussion topics prepared in advance for each meeting.

  • Use a management report to record progress and topics
  • Turn up on time and dedicate yourself to that forum
  • Drive the interaction with your mentor (it’s not their job to keep chasing you)
  • Ask questions and then ask more questions (and write things down)
  • Complete tasks on time
  • Avoid excuses for everything
  • Most importantly, make sure you both like and respect each other.

There is no magic solution to growing your business and solving your problems. It takes time, knowledge, hard work and of course, help to make anything a success.

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