As the workplace keeps changing at a revolutionary pace, there is NO-DOUBT that mentorships will play an important role. But what will mentoring look like in the future?

What will the future of Mentoring look like?

The workplace is changing at a revolutionary pace. There is no doubt that mentorships will play an important role!

Half of the full-time workforce is projected to be remote employees working from home, either full or part-time by the end of 2020. In addition, the average worker now spends less than five years at one job (and this number is reducing with younger age groups).

It’s becoming evident that there’s a new ‘future of work’ heading our way.
This one looks significantly different than that of a decade ago.

Recent studies have shown that close to 80 percent of University students and recent graduations rank people and culture fit as their top-priority, and career potential and longevity comes in as a second.

If this is the reality for the future, then nurturing, inspiring, and professional development for employees will be even more critical, and mentorship will be a key component.

Companies now have their human resource teams looking carefully at ways they can foster and create mentorship opportunities.

By doing this, they are far more likely to retain the VERY BEST talent.

There are the disbelievers.

The people that say that it’s easier and more productive to read a book or listen to a podcast AND it takes up a fraction of the time and energy. In other words, find a virtual mentor?

Well, unfortunately, every person is different. They not only learn and adapt to change in different ways, but they also have very different challenges to overcome. Not sure how many books I’ve found that can interact and listen to someone’s challenge and offer a diverse range of options via collaboration?

Let’s shelve that, and keep moving…

Mentoring into the future

With the younger generation becoming the dominant force in the workplace by the end of 2020, mentoring is now more important than ever before.

There’s a talent shortage coming as the older generation leaves the workforce taking their years of experience with them. On the other hand, the younger generation is coming of age in what’s becoming a ‘gig economy’ with high turnover rates.

This means that they’re not afraid to leave a company for greener pastures. 

So, if this is the path forward, then a focus towards nurturing, inspiring, and tailored professional development mentoring and coaching services will be the key to success.

The Future of Mentoring
Robert Durrant’s Predictions…

Mentoring will become dominant

Mentoring will cease to be a small and exclusive service to individuals. Mentoring for the masses is an irresistible trend for those institutions that want to stay relevant.

Technology Enabled

Career Services will facilitate large scale mentoring by leveraging mentoring and networking software tools.

Mentoring will combine Social and Professional Aspects

Goals for people will move from just career based to a much broader scope of social responsibility.

Speed Mentoring

Mentoring programs and relationships will evolve into shorter, more focused and flexible arrangements (12-months). Longer-term (deep) mentoring programs will continue, but will not be dominate.

Mentoring will drive your Career

Mentoring will become a critical KPI for companies and a core metric that the leadership of every institution tracks and seeks to improve.

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