Are you struggling to grow your business?
Learn how our Sensei Success Roadmap helps you to set goals, keep focused, and to stay on track!

You’ve probably had that feeling of being in a tight spot and needing to bring money through the door quickly?

You also struggle to allocate time for marketing and sales tasks because you’re busy working on the day-to-day stuff, right?

Having worked with numerous businesses over the years, the statement I hear the most is “How do I grow the business when I am so busy and distracted on the many operational tasks.”

The answer is EASY, and you know it already.

You put a plan in place, and then you stick to it…

The HARDEST part is knowing what you SHOULD be doing as part of your plan, and then prioritising tasks with the discipline to complete them!

Robert Durrant Mentoring provides high-performance mentoring, coaching and skill development services to help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Sensei Success Roadmap is a personalised, structured framework tailored to keep you focused and on track to achieving your professional and personal goals.

Sensei Success Roadmap helps you to;

 ✔ See the big picture

✔ Identify and resolve any issues or barriers

✔ Develop a marketing and sales tactical plan

✔ Create a set of achievable tasks and actions

✔ Keep you focused, motivated, AND on track.

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