Sports Club Mentoring by Robert Durrant provides a strategic and tactical sports marketing and development solution that transitions your club to a more efficient and sustainable operation.

  • MORE than 70,000 sports clubs operate in Australia.
  • 13.2 million existing memberships.
  • 183,000 club volunteers.

To have a successful well-run sports club, it’s critical that you have a resilient framework in place that gives you a robust organisational process and control, while also maintaining a focus on delivering value (and fun) to club members.

Sports clubs that continue to grow, be successful, and contribute back to the community, will always put people, processes and systems in place first!

Like many community sports clubs, the people playing on game-days are the same people who volunteer their time to run the club.

With time and budgetary constraints always being a significant hurdle, it’s ultimately the volunteer committee members who are tasked with the responsibility to make tough operational decisions at the club, AND also do the work!

EVERY sports club faces the same set of common challenges

  • Lack of funds
  • Retaining club members
  • Creating an inclusive culture
  • Marketing and communicating
  • Building resilience.

Optimising Sports Clubs

Robert Durrant Sports Club Mentoring and Advisory Service

Robert Durrant Mentoring provides a strategic and tactical sports marketing and development advisory service for sports clubs and sports associations.

My services turn sports clubs into efficient AND sustainable operations that allow you to market your club brand to sell more memberships, sponsor packages, event tickets, and club merchandise.

Areas of expertise include;

  • Brand Development & Marketing
  • Digital Experiences
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Systems & Infrastructure
  • Sponsorships & Alternative Funding
  • Club Culture & Leadership.

How we work together?

In most cases, I work directly with your management team or committee members to design a strategic plan for your club and work with your stakeholders on a phased implement program.

Over 3 months, we complete this through a series of workshops. Workshops include a set of documented workshop notes and action items.

Committee Mentoring & Advisory Service

  • 3 x Facilitated Workshops (Zoom meeting)
  • Documented workshop notes and actions
  • Creation of a project plan.

3-Month Package $495 plus gst (Additional sessions $150 plus gst each)

Sports Club Kick-Start Marketing Program

For those clubs who are looking for some help with their social media and digital marketing, through rev™ Branding, my Digital Marketing Agency, we offer a Sports Club Marketing Service.

Club Marketing Training & Coaching Services

If your club has the available resources, BUT they lack the skills and experience, we can provide them with the training and support via our sports club marketing training and coaching service.

Want to chat about how we can help?

We can provide a strategic advisory or mentoring service to help your management team to plan and execute key tasks that will continue to keep the club viable and resilient into the future.

Speak with me about how we can work together by providing a mentoring and advisory service for your club.  Together, we can plan and execute key tasks that will make your club a success for you now, and in future years.

Contact Rob on +61 3 9429-2293 or