My ‘return to play framework’ helps your sports club, association or fitness group to fast-track its recovery through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

Return to Sports!

Aussie Sports Clubs are EAGER to get back to some level of normality!

The Government restrictions being placed upon sports clubs and associations all across the world are taking a huge financial toll.

Every club is working hard on their ‘return to play’ policy to reduce any risks to public health AND build confidence in its members.

There is not one sports club and sports association who doesn’t understand the hurdle that faces them to get players back on the field and club members to start spending money on hospitality, events, merchandise and of course sponsorships.

There is help available!

With access to Government grants and working with sports marketing agencies and service providers, you can speed up the process and also remove the stress on your club volunteers.

Robert Durrant Mentoring provides marketing, communication, and strategic advisory services for sports clubs, sports associations, and fitness groups.

Working with your management team, I’ll show you how to implement systems and processes that will streamline your club’s operations
to make it more efficient, scalable and also resilient.

Together, we create a positive and inclusive culture, the foundation that will ultimately drive your club forward and expand your opportunities for membership growth and club funding.

Returning to Play

To help your club back to normal and to help kick-start your marketing and communications, here is a checklist of tasks that your club needs to complete.

Kick-start your committee and working groups

Organise a special meeting for your committee members and brief them on the challenge ahead. Gain their commitment to complete tasks within timeframes. Think about creating working groups to deal with any COVID-19 restrictions. Many hands will make lighter work!

Get a strategic plan in place

It’s critical Your committee decides on a plan and vision for the current and also the following season.
Identify the things that will change, and work through how to adapt the club to deal with the challenges ahead.  It’s important to make the club more sustainable by looking at additional ways to fund the club

Engage and support your members

Remember to support your members. The Pandemic has touched everyone in the community, some more than others. Work together to create ways to support each other. Think about your sponsors. Its these small businesses that will be finding it tough, try and return the support thay gave you.

Create a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safe Plan

Construct a COVID-19 safe plan and share this with players and members via the website, email and social media. Doing this will help to build confidence in club members and ensure their safety. Work with your sporting body, they have tools and templates developed to help. Do not underestimate this task.

Apply for available sports club funding and grants

Work with a partner like Robert Durant Mentoring who can show you how to build a Grants and Alternative Funding kit that allows you to apply for Government funding and sports grants more confidently and easily.

Do need help to apply for Government grants and funding?
Speak to us about how we can create an application toolkit that makes the entire process faster and easier.

Get your event plans in place

As part of your COVID-19 safe plan, it’s important that you understand the restrictions that surround events and group gatherings. Work out which events you want to have, then plan out the timing for each, thinking about how you may need to tailor these to meet compliance with Government regulations and restrictions, As a suggestion, have smaller fundraising events early and push the major events out until later in the season. Don’t focus too much on making revenue, think more about the engagement and inclusion. (the money will flow later)

Finalise your club merchandise and clothing

If you do have funds allocated for club merchandise and clothing, get those orders to vendors so you have the stock available early to sell and create a revenue stream. This will also help your vendors who are chasing customer orders.

Think about your funding options

Apart from the many Government grants that are available, there are numerous ways you can fundraise to generate club revenue. Think about raffles, online games, auctions, and competitions. We can help you with ideas.

Build your marketing and communications plan

Build a marketing and communications plan that caters for players, club members and supporters, and sponsors. Think about each group and the specific messages you need to communicate with them over the next few months. Remember to focus more on building their confidence, trust and support.

The sooner you begin publishing club marketing messages, the faster your club will get back on its feet.  Utilise your website, social media, email, and of course group forums like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Support your sponsors

When times are tough, working together with your sponsors will be extremely important. Make contact with each sponsor and find out how you can help each other during these difficult times. Plan some co-branded promotions and event opportunities. Remember, these sponsors have stood by you over the years, utilise your supporter base and communication tools to help market their brand or offer.

Need help to create a strategic plan for your sports club?
We can help you to create a plan or simply offer you some guidance on how to adapt your club to cope with the impact of the Coronavirus.

Keep your website and social media updated

Refresh your website and social media content with new images and information about the season ahead.  Think about a logo update or a tweak to your graphics and styles.
Keep the content marketing and communications to members flowing.
Make sure you update the season dates and contacts and publish an events schedule in advance.

Use digital to your advantage

Talk to digital agencies like us about how you can use digital technology to create a memorable digital experience for your members when they participate in online events, activities, and club updates.
Use creative backgrounds, social media tools, interactive surveys, and even augmented reality to create a unique digital experience.

Post your Coronavirus (COVID-19) statements and policies

One of the MOST important tasks.
Post your COVID-19 statements, and have the club president announce how the club has adapted to the changed conditions and comply with any Government regulations. Highlight your plan and exciting things to come. If you want to retain members and keep revenue flowing, this is CRITICAL.

How we Help!

Sports Club Management Mentoring:

I provide a strategic advisory or mentoring service to help your management team to plan and execute key tasks that will continue to keep the club viable and resilient into the future.

Sports Club Kick-Start Marketing Package:

My Kick-Start Marketing Package is specifically designed for sports clubs who are floundering and need to reinvigorate their marketing and communications strategy & tactics.

 This package will help your club to…
• Grow its Memberships
• Increase Merchandise Sales
• Develop Alternative Revenue Streams
• Grow Events
• Build Better Sponsorships.

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Speak with me about how we can work together by providing a mentoring and advisory service for your club.  Together, we can plan and execute key tasks that will make your club a success for you now, and in future years.

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