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Robert Durrant mentoring

About Rob

High-performance mentoring, coaching and skill development services to help you set and achieve your professional goals.

About Rob

Semi-famous media spokesman, entrepreneur, and visionary…

Originally from Queensland, Robert has spent over 20 years owning and operating a group of companies that span across Australia, New Zealand and North America. He is an expert in helping people to take an idea or a concept, and turn this into a viable business brand with a clear and compelling proposition for a buyer.

Since 2000, Robert has grown rev™ Branding into a leading digital transformation and brand marketing agency providing brand strategy & tactics, digital marketing, and eCommerce Marketing.

Robert has held senior management roles for major US technology companies such as General Electric (GE) and Information Resources. His roles have also included board level activities for the Qld Chamber of Commerce & Industry, University of Qld, Hawthorn FC, Hawthorn CC, and the Australian Institute of Management.

Robert has a strong public speaking and media background, often hosting segments at corporate functions and featuring on business and sports shows on Channel Nine, Sky News, Fox, and NBC.

Robert holds a degree in Business Management & Marketing from the University of Queensland. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Management and is a Six Sigma certified black belt.

Robert is also a huge sports fan, supporting Hawthorn Football Club, Box Hill Hawks, and Hawthorn Cricket Club. Robert’s community support and charity assistance includes Street Swags, St Hilary’s, Beyond Blue, Headspace, Plastic bank, Traffik, P-Tech, and Wings Mental Health.

Robert has been providing mentoring and coaching services for over 20-years.  His skills and experience brings out the best in individuals and teams by utilising a variety of methodologies, strategies and tactics to inspire people to achieve their ideal life.

Meet Rob

Robert Durrant High Performance Mentoring and Sales Coaching Services
  • Business Strategist 

  • Brand Marketer 

  • Mentor & Coach 

  • Visionary 

  • Media Host 

  • Public Speaker 

  • Extravert 

Robert Durrant #Robstar, a semi-famous business CEO, entrepreneur, mentor, public speaker, media spokesman, and an all-round extravert.

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