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Robert Durrant mentoring

MY Development Plan

MY Development Plan is a structured program to identify your characteristics, set goals, and provide tools that transition your professional development.

Setting the scene for what you would like to achieve. 

  • Understanding your desires

  • Setting Goals (using SMART Goals Worksheet)

  • Using MY Plan to understand your energy

  • Defining your timeframe

  • Signing your success contract

Building the Big Picture

Impediments to you not achieving your goals. 

  • Understanding the mindset

  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses from SWOT

  • Gallops Strengths Program

  • Health and wellbeing - Getting your energy right

  • Your support network

Triage & Repair

Creating a tailored plan including actions and timeframes. 

  • MY Development Plan

  • SMART goals and milestones

  • Persona development (personal and business)

  • Identifying any potential development needs

  • Training and skills development

  • Setting Tasks and Activities

Planning & Design

The plans and tools that make change possible. 

  • MY Development Plan Implementation

  • Professional Development Plan

  • Milestone Task Schedule

  • Coaching & Skill Development recommendations

  • Ongoing Mentoring an Support Programs

Actions & Changes

Program Features

Program Summary

Introducing MY Development Program by Robert Durrant Mentoring

The MY Development Program is a structured initiative designed to identify your characteristics, set goals, and provide essential tools for your professional development.


This program helps participants better plan their career development and professional growth process by understanding the barriers to achieving their goals, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and resolving any work challenges.


It is particularly beneficial for business executives and managers, enhancing leadership abilities, fostering engagement, and creating motivation and excitement.

By addressing and solving internal issues and barriers early, this program upskills participants to remove obstacles that have previously hindered their career progress.


The program operates through a process of:

  • Saying: Providing valuable information.

  • Listening: Accurately extracting meaning.

  • Asking: Seeking clarification or exploration.

  • Doing: Implementing actionable & measurable tasks.


MY Development Plan ensures participants stay focused and on track to achieve their professional objectives.

• MY Development Framework
• Templates and Tools
• Suite of Development Tools
• 2 x 60 Minute Sessions.


Service can be provided at your office, our office, or online via Zoom meeting.


• Documented MY Plan

• Monthly Management Report

• Email and Phone Support

• 4 x Meet-Ups.


Once off Fee: $795 +gst

*Optional Monthly Coaching


How it Works!

Our MY Development Program is a structured framework to create your personalised MY Development Plan, designed to identify and remove potential barriers to your professional development.


Rob works one-on-one with each client to develop their MY Plan, which includes a variety of tools and templates.


The program spans two months and incorporates four consultation sessions, along with meet-ups to ensure consistent progress and support.

“Having Rob involved in our business for the past six months has been great. His insights & guidance have really shaped the way we’re thinking about our processes not only in sales & marketing, but encompassing the whole business.“

James Verney


3 Minute Professional Development Scorecarding and Benchmarking

Our 3 Minute Benchmark Test is a secure and confidential way of measuring your personal and professional performance.

3 Minute Benchmarketing

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