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  • The Risks of Untrained Business Mentors and Coaches

    How to avoid the risks and disappointment from engaging untrained, non-qualified or experienced business mentors and coaches to protect you and your business. The allure of becoming a business mentor or coach by promising to help others achieve their dreams and the flexibility of their own business, it's no wonder that many individuals are drawn to this profession like a moth to a flame. However, amidst the surge of aspiring coaches, there lies a significant risk – engaging untrained and non-qualified mentors and coaches. The truth is, anyone can call themselves a coach, regardless of whether they have received proper training or not. This lack of regulation within the industry means that individuals can start offering coaching services without any qualifications or continuing professional development. While this may seem appealing to those looking to break into the field, it poses a considerable risk to both clients and coaches alike. Here in Australia, general mentoring and coaching is not regulated, except for health or mental health coaching and counselling services. This means that many individuals who lack the necessary skills and experience are entering the market, offering advice and guidance without the proper credentials. As a result, clients may find themselves disappointed, disillusioned, and even financially harmed by engaging with unqualified coaches. One of the biggest challenges is the influx of enthusiastic social marketers who, while lacking in business experience and qualifications, excel at marketing themselves. These individuals often leverage social media to promote their services, using controversial statements and high energy to attract clients. Despite their lack of expertise, they can quickly outstrip and outsell more qualified and experienced coaches, leaving clients vulnerable to subpar guidance, advice and sometimes to the detriment of their business. The coaching and mentoring segment in Australia is booming, with more people than ever seeking the services of a life coach or mentor. However, the proliferation of untrained coaches poses significant legal risks. Many coaches fail to meet their clients' expectations or provide services that result in loss or damage. Without the proper insurances, such as professional indemnity or liability insurance, both coaches and clients are left vulnerable to legal disputes and financial harm. Furthermore, many untrained coaches make unfounded claims or offer unsubstantiated business advice based solely on their intuition rather than proven experience. This can lead to clients making uninformed decisions that ultimately harm their business or personal development. It's not uncommon to hear stories of individuals quitting stable jobs to pursue a career as a life coach or mentor, lured by the promise of helping others achieve their dreams. However, without the proper training, experience, and credentials, these individuals are ill-equipped to provide the guidance and support that clients need. Avoiding the Risks! To avoid the risks and disappointment associated with engaging untrained and non-qualified business mentors and coaches, it's essential to do your due diligence. Before hiring a coach, ask about their qualifications or industry experience they may hold. Additionally, ensure that they have the necessary insurances in place to protect both parties in the event of a dispute. By taking the time to research and vet potential coaches, you can protect yourself and your business from the risks associated with engaging untrained individuals. Remember, the right coach can make a significant difference in your personal and professional development, but only if they have the skills, experience, and qualifications to back up their claims. Choosing a Mentor or Coach Checklist How to choose the RIGHT Business Mentor or Coach using our tips and checklist. Related links: Robert Durrant Mentoring Professional Development & Mentoring Executive Coaching Services Robert Durrant High-Performance Mentor & Coach (with 30 years business experience) #UntrainedBusinessMentor #NonQualifiedBusinessCoach #RegulatedCoachingServices #BusinessMentor #BusinessCoach #SalesDevelopment #BusinessGrowth #BusinessStrategy #BusinessSupport

  • Navigating Economic Uncertainty: Is Your Business Recession-Proof?

    As the economy slows and people are more cautious on what they purchase, the question on every business owner's mind is, "How recession-proof is my business?" As we grapple with the impacts of a slowing economy, rising costs of living, and global uncertainties such as wars, it's crucial for entrepreneurs to assess the resilience of their ventures and proactively make strategic adjustments. The harsh reality is that economic downturns can significantly impact consumers' disposable income, leading to reduced spending and, consequently, a decline in sales for businesses across various industries. To counteract these challenges, it's imperative to get ahead of the curve and implement changes within your business now. Working with a seasoned business mentor like Robert Durrant can be a game-changer. Robert brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in guiding businesses through challenging times. Here's how a mentor like Robert can help you not just weather the storm but thrive: Adjust Business Costs: A mentor can provide valuable insights into identifying and trimming unnecessary expenses, optimising your cost structure for maximum efficiency. Streamline Operations: Streamlining your operations is essential for agility. Robert Durrant can guide you in simplifying processes, improving workflow, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Refine Your Offer: Understanding market dynamics is crucial during economic uncertainties. A mentor can assist you in refining your products or services to meet changing consumer needs and preferences. Introduce New Products and Services: Innovation is key to survival. Robert Durrant can help you explore new opportunities, diversify your offerings, and stay ahead of the competition. Boost Your Marketing: When sales are slowing, marketing becomes even more critical. Mentors like Robert can provide strategic and tactical guidance on how to boost your marketing efforts, ensuring your brand remains visible in the market. During tough economic times, consumers are more likely to switch brands based on value and visibility. By increasing your marketing efforts, you position your business for success even when competitors are cutting back. Securing the services of a mentor like Robert Durrant can unlock your business's potential for success and drive growth. Rob's expertise in business advisory and marketing services can provide you with the confidential help you need to navigate these challenging times. Ready to take the next step? Learn more about Rob's mentoring and coaching services Learn More >>> or Schedule a 30-minute consultation with Robert Durrant to discuss your specific situation and gain a deeper understanding of how his guidance can propel your business forward. Don't wait – act now to ensure your business is not just surviving but thriving in the face of economic uncertainty. Robert Durrant Mentoring #BusinessMentoring #BusinessAdvisory #BusinessGrowthConsultant #BusinessMarketing #Recession #CostofLivingCrisis #SlowingEconomy #Salesgrowth #BusinessDevelopment #BusinessStrategy #GrowthStrategy #BusinessEfficiency

  • Navigating the Digital Marketing Landscape with a Marketing Mentor

    Marketing Mentors help today’s business owners to stand out from their competitors by embracing digital branding, digital campaigns, websites, email marketing, and online digital sales channels. In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, it’s not uncommon for business owners to find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to marketing their ventures. The age-old dilemma of “how and where to market” has taken on a new dimension, thanks to the digital revolution. As more and more people research and purchase online, it’s imperative for business owners to embrace digital marketing strategies that can effectively propel their businesses into the spotlight. The Shift to Online Research and Purchasing The digital age has witnessed a significant shift in consumer behaviour. Increasingly, potential customers turn to the internet to research products and services before making a purchase decision. This shift underscores the importance of having a strong online presence. If your business isn’t readily discoverable online, you might be missing out on a considerable chunk of your target audience. Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing To adapt to this change in consumer behaviour, business owners must leverage digital marketing campaigns, websites, email marketing, and strategic marketing programs. These tools can help you reach your target audience effectively and efficiently. Let’s delve into each of these components: Digital Marketing Campaigns Digital marketing campaigns are multifaceted and can include social media advertising, search engine optimisation, content marketing, and much more. These campaigns help you create a strong online presence, attract potential customers, and engage with your audience effectively. Websites Your website is often the first point of contact for potential customers. It’s your virtual storefront. An engaging and user-friendly website can make all the difference in creating a lasting impression and convincing visitors to become customers. Email Marketing Email marketing is a powerful tool for nurturing leads and maintaining a connection with your audience. Effective email campaigns can keep your business in the minds of your potential customers, leading to increased sales over time. Strategic Marketing Programs Strategic marketing goes beyond sporadic efforts and incorporates a well-thought-out plan. This includes identifying your target audience, crafting messages that resonate with them, and choosing the right marketing channels to reach them. The Role of a Business Marketing Mentor While digital marketing offers immense potential, it can be overwhelming for business owners who are new to the game. This is where a seasoned business marketing mentor like Robert Durrant can make a world of difference. A marketing mentor brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. They’ve been through the trials and tribulations of marketing in the digital age and can guide you on the right path. Benefits of a Marketing Mentor Skills Development: A mentor will arm you with the skills you need to navigate the complex world of digital marketing. You’ll learn to create and execute campaigns that get results. Proven Experience: Marketing Mentors like Robert Durrant have a track record of success. They can share real-world examples and case studies to help you understand what works and what doesn’t. Ongoing Support: Marketing is not a one-time endeavour; it requires continuous effort and refinement. A mentor provides ongoing support to ensure your marketing efforts remain relevant and high performing. Business Growth: With the right guidance, you can expect your business to grow. A mentor can help you set and achieve your business goals through effective marketing strategies. In Summary In conclusion, the modern business landscape demands a shift toward digital marketing. Business owners who embrace digital campaigns, websites, email marketing, and strategic programs stand to gain a competitive edge. Working with a marketing mentor like Robert Durrant can expedite your journey and ensure that your marketing efforts are not only relevant but also high performing. Don’t let the “how and where to market” dilemma hold you back – take the digital marketing leap and watch your business flourish. Time to BOOST your Brand and OPTIMISE your Marketing! Related links: Robert Durrant Mentoring Professional Development & Mentoring Executive Coaching Services Robert Durrant High-Performance Mentor and Coach #MarketingCoach #MarketingMentor #DigitalMarketingCoach #BusinessMentor #MarketingMentor #DigitalAgency #DigitalConsultant #MarketingConsultant

  • How Mentors Guide Business Owners to Success!

    Having a Business Mentor by your side provides invaluable help to identify growth opportunities, enhance productivity, streamline processes, and, transform your business ideas into actionable plans. In the dynamic and competitive world of business, every Melbourne business owner and manager strives for success. Achieving and sustaining growth, improving productivity, and streamlining business processes are key objectives. In this pursuit, a mentor can be the guiding force that keeps you on track, helping you not only identify opportunities for growth but also transform your vision into a tangible reality. This article delves into the myriad benefits of having a mentor and why they are akin to having access to an on-demand industry expert. 1. Identifying Growth Opportunities Melbourne, a vibrant and bustling city, is home to countless opportunities. However, navigating the complex landscape of business growth can be challenging. A mentor, with their experience and industry insights, can serve as a valuable compass. They help you recognise untapped opportunities, emerging market trends, and unexplored niches. Their guidance can lead you to avenues you might have missed on your own. 2. Enhancing Productivity Productivity is the lifeblood of any successful business. Mentors understand the significance of efficient operations. They can offer guidance on optimising processes, implementing time-saving strategies, and fostering a culture of productivity within your organisation. With their mentorship, you can expect to see not just incremental but substantial improvements in your team’s efficiency. 3. Streamlining Business Processes Every business has its unique set of processes, but not all are as efficient as they could be. A mentor’s role is to assess your current workflows, identify bottlenecks, and suggest strategies to streamline them. This might involve implementing new technology, reorganising departments, or adopting best practices from your industry. The result? A leaner, more cost-effective, and agile business. 4. Transforming Ideas into Actionable Plans Many business owners in Melbourne have innovative ideas for growth but struggle to translate them into actionable plans. A mentor acts as a sounding board and guide, helping you refine your ideas and craft a strategic plan. They have a wealth of experience to draw from, which can significantly increase the likelihood of your plans translating into tangible results. Moreover, they keep you focused on your goals, preventing distractions or deviations from your path to success. 5. Access to an On-Demand Industry Expert Mentors are often seasoned professionals with years of experience in the industry. Their wisdom and insights are invaluable. Think of them as an on-call industry expert who understands your specific challenges and can provide practical solutions. Having such expertise at your disposal is a tremendous asset that can save you time, effort, and resources. Final Words! Melbourne’s business landscape is rich with opportunities, but to make the most of them, having a Business Mentor by your side is invaluable. They help you identify growth opportunities, enhance productivity, streamline processes, and, most importantly, transform your business ideas into actionable plans. Business Mentors serve as on-demand industry experts, guiding you towards the path of success. Embrace mentorship, and you’ll find yourself on a more focused, efficient, and growth-oriented journey in the Melbourne business world. Take the step to a BETTER way of running and growing your business! Thinking about a Mentor? Learn how to maximise your potential by engaging a mentor for expert support, ensuring success in your business and professional journey. Related links: Robert Durrant Mentoring Professional Development & Mentoring Executive Coaching Services Robert Durrant High-Performance Mentor and Coach #Mentoring #BusinessMentor #BusinessConsultant #BusinessAdvisor #BusinessGrowthCoach #BusinessDevelopment #BusinessAdvisor

  • Tips to Making your Day More Productive

    Do you struggle to get your tasks completed each day? Do you find it hard to keep focused and stay on track? Are you always being pulled into meetings and hallway conversations? It doesn’t matter what your role is at work, it’s important to always look for new ways to keep productive.  It’s not about working harder and doing more, it’s about working smarter so you’re achieving more at work, but also having more free time for social activities and down time. Not all days at work will be the same. Some will be great, while others will be terrible seeing you dragged into numerous projects that are not necessarily your responsibility. Excessive amounts of caffeine and list-making won’t get you any closer to reaching peak productivity levels today. In most cases, an out-of-control task list isn’t always your fault. There can be many external factors that come into play that cause your day to disappear. According to the Udemy Research report 70% of workers admitted how they feel distracted when they’re on the job. Chatty co-workers and office noise were highlighted as the top distractions for 80% of workers and over 60% of the respondents also view meetings as just another interruption in the way of their being productive. If you are one of those people who find yourself saying “The to-do list keeps getting longer” more than you would “I had a productive day at work”, then this article might provide you with some helpful suggestions. Ways to Improve Productivity I believe that the biggest tip for being productive is having a structure and daily routine.  The trouble is, you don’t know where to start right? When I have been working with clients, I have suggested that they spend a week writing what they do, each day, each hour. This information then creates the baseline ‘as is’ and highlights where your time is being wasted or at least being lost. Create a to-do or task list each day. Rank the list to highlight low, medium and high priority tasks. Use your diary to block out time e.g. Outlook or your Phone. Avoid Multitasking. Build a schedule e.g if you need to do task A each week, block your calendar out each week. Put your phone away. Schedule time for email in the morning e.g. the first 15 to 30mins of the day. Then close your email client and avoid looking at them while you are focusing in a task. Use the email importance flags and reminders in your diary to help control with your schedule. Avoid changing schedules to accommodate ad hoc meetings. Social items are important so be sure to allocate time for these e.g. coffee catch ups. If you think of a task that you need to do, try sending yourself an email to remind yourself. Keep to a work time schedule e.g. start at 8am and finish before 6pm. Don’t skip your breaks and lunches because you are busy. Use these times for your social items. Some days are bad, just write them off and start fresh the next day. Just use your to do list to capture things that are important and need to be completed. Delegate tasks…. you don’t need to do everything yourself. Quality is good, but don’t be anal about getting everything just perfect to the detriment of another more important tasks. Micromanagement doesn’t last long in a company. Document routine tasks so they can be handed to others to complete for you. Use workflow tools to help manage tasks and communications with others e.g. Slack software. Centralise the management and storage of items. Use Dropbox, Google Drive to share content with others and avoid being asked for items repeatedly. Set smaller goals to complete daily and weekly. Keep healthy. When you are fit and active, your outlook is much more positive, and you have more energy. Be positive – once you start falling into a negative space, its hard to climb back out. Lastly, it OK to just say No! You will find that after a while, people will stop lumping tasks on you. Productivity = Time + Energy + Attention Thinking about a Mentor? Learn how to maximise your potential by engaging a mentor for expert support, ensuring success in your business and professional journey. Related links: Robert Durrant Mentoring Professional Development & Mentoring Executive Coaching Services Robert Durrant High-Performance Mentor and Coach #ProfessionalDevelopment #SalesCoach #SkillsDevelopment #CareerDevelopment #ExecutiveCoaching #LeadershipCoach #ManagementCoach #MarketingCoach #Mentoring #MelbourneBusinessCoach

  • Improving Executive Performance

    Learn how executives can improve their skills and knowledge to advance their career and attain a top leadership position. Executive Coaching and Mentoring It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, your background, or even what part of the world you come from; top executives often face a similar problem; how to continue developing their skills and knowledge to help them secure top leadership positions. Sometimes they simply need to up their game in the new role and perform better. Sometimes the new role requires a new mindset, skillset, approach, or leadership skills. And sometimes, they need the assistance of a coach or mentor to help them with real-world experience in solving problems, identifying opportunities, and how to reinvigorate their professional development. My Executive Improvement Checklist helps business executives and managers to self-evaluate their performance and identify improvement gaps. Executive Improvement Checklist When you enter a room, do you radiate a presence, someone that people want to speak with and meet? Do give out a feeling of warmth, energy and welcoming? Do you embrace the evolution of digital and adopt new technology tools in the workplace? Do you have good presentation and public speaking skills well in front of large groups? Do you have a good sense of social awareness e.g. understanding the room and its audience? Does your voice have energy, certainty, and enthusiasm? Do you work well under pressure – by yourself and within a group? Do you pair gestures with words or phrases? Can you articulate what you need to say in a short, concise, and clear way? Do you have good ideas and a sense of vision in your role? Do you possess good time management and are productive? Can you easily interject in a discussion to get your point across so that it’s memorable? Do you get emotional or lose your cool when pressured? Do you have a quality elevator pitch to explain yourself – who you are and what you do? Do you lack confidence or become nervous when dealing with senior management? Are you a confident networker and can easily connect with people? Do you possess reliable business marketing and sales skills? Are you continually enhancing your training and education? Do you take yourself too seriously (or perhaps not serious enough? Do you believe in yourself? Do you prefer to lead groups, or participate within a group with a leader? Are you aware of the emotions and characteristics of the people around you? Do you show an interest in others? Do you remember people by their name? Are you quick to judge instead of withholding judgement and just being curious? Do you easily get distracted? Do you like being thanked and rewarded for your performance? Do you have a clear vision and plan for your career path? Are there areas that you would like to Improve? Start by jotting down the items that you feel can be improved. Underneath each point, list three reasons about why this is happening to you.  Doing this will be much easier to understand where the issues resides, and how to start changing things for the better Think about some Executive Mentoring! Mentoring and Coaching are now the new normal for business executives, manager, and team leaders. Training will only help you to perform a specific task. Mentoring will allow you to bring tasks and processes together BUT with the advice and guidance of an industry professional who has faced similar challenges in the past. Related links: Robert Durrant Mentoring Professional Development & Mentoring Executive Coaching Services Benchmark your Professional Development Our Free 3 Minute Benchmark Test is a secure and confidential way of measuring your personal and professional development. Robert Durrant High-Performance Mentor & Coach #ProfessionalDevelopment #SalesCoach #SkillsDevelopment #CareerDevelopment #ExecutiveCoaching #LeadershipCoach #ManagementCoach #MarketingCoach #Mentoring #MelbourneBusinessCoach

  • Introducing Robert Durrant Mentoring

    Robert Durrant provides high-performance mentoring, coaching and skill development services to help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals. Robert Durrant spent 20+ years owning and operating a group of companies that today span across Australia, New Zealand, and North America. As a subject matter expert within the business marketing and sales development fields, Robert Durrant leads a specialist team at rev Branding who help companies integrate their brand with digital technology and marketing to drive sales and growth opportunities. Robert Durrant has held senior management roles for some of the world’s largest technology companies, namely General Electric and IRI, holding board-level positions for the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, University of Qld, and the Australian Institute of Management. Rob is an acclaimed event host, conference speaker, and media broadcaster on local business, tourism, and sports shows aired on the Nine Network, Fox, Sky News, and NBC. Robert Durrant is an energetic and highly accomplished business strategist, marketer and salesperson and is accredited and highly skilled within business marketing, brand management, and eCommerce marketing. For more than 20 years, Robert has been providing mentoring and coaching services. His skills and experience bring out the best in individuals and teams by utilising a variety of methodologies, strategies and tactics to inspire people to achieve their ideal life. Business Strategist ✅ Brand Marketer ✅ Mentor& Coach ✅ Visionary ✅ Media Host ✅ Public Speaker ✅ Extravert ✅ Robert Durrant Mentoring – Learn More >>> Robert Durrant High-Performance Mentor and Coach #RobertDurrant #BusinessCoach #BusinessMentor #SalesCoach #MarketingCoach #EntrepreneurMentor #StartUpMentor #ProfessionalDevelopmentCoach

  • How to Run a Successful Sports Club

    Learn how to run your sports club like a small business, making it more efficient, scalable, and sustainable for the future. How to Run Today’s Successful Sports Club! MORE than 70,000 sports clubs operate in Australia. 13.2 million existing memberships. 183,000 club volunteers. Is YOUR sports club successful and also sustainable? To have a successful well-run sports club, it’s critical that you have a framework in place that gives you a robust organisational process, while still maintaining a focus on delivering value to club members. Sports clubs that continue to grow, be successful, and contribute back to the community, will need to place a strong focus on its people, processes and systems! Like many community sports clubs, the people playing on game-days are the same people who volunteer their time to the club committee. With time and budgetary constraints always being a significant hurdle, it’s ultimately the volunteer committee members who are tasks with the responsibility to make tough operational decisions at the club AND do the hard work! Factors that influence successful sports clubs The ONLY way that your club will be successful now and into the future is to have these 4-key factors in place first. 1. Club vision and a plan 2. Great leadership and culture 3. Systems and processes to streamline tasks 4. Funding program to generate revenue 5. Membership development programs. Building a Successful Sports Club Robert Durrant Mentoring provides marketing, communication, and strategic advisory services for sports clubs, sports associations, and fitness groups. Working with your management team, I’ll show you how to implement systems and processes that will streamline your club’s operationsto make it more efficient, scalable and also resilient. Together, we create a positive and inclusive culture, the foundation that will ultimately drive your club forward and expand your opportunities for membership growth and club funding. Membership Services Membership Packages and Offers: Leveraging your memberships with a range of offers, promotions and value-add services Membership Marketing: Utilising email and social marketing to promote your club and sell memberships Membership Engagement: Membership engagement programs that connect with club activities and offers with your members. Website Website Development: Building beautiful and engaging websites that allow your club to promote offers, market events, sell merchandise and memberships. Website Marketing: Increasing your club websites visibility through marketing and SEO services eCommerce: Turning a static website into a revenue stream by creating an online store to sell products and sponsor advertising. Marketing and Communications Email Database & SMS Marketing: We provide an email/SMS marketing systems and training services that show you how to leverage your membership database Social Media Marketing: We are a fully-serviced digital agency offering social media and digital marketing services. Culture Management: teaching your club how to build and maintain a sports culture. Event & Fundraising Events Planning: Helping you events manager to plan out and execute an events calendar Event Marketing: Get more people to your events AND sell more sponsorships Sponsorships and Funding: We work with you to develop a sustainable sponsorship and alternative fundraising program for your club. “Sports fans that see a brand message or endorsement on social media platforms are 78% more likely to hold a positive perception.” Ready to Start? It’s difficult to run a sports club or association with volunteers. It can be almost impossible to find someone at the club who has the time AND skills. Let me show you how to create a framework that allows current and future members of your sports club to continue to grow the club and maintain it’s legacy. Book my Kick-Start Marketing Package! My Kick-Start Marketing Package is specifically designed for sports clubs who are floundering and need to reinvigorate their marketing and communications strategy & tactics. This package will help your club to… • Grow its Memberships • Increase Merchandise Sales • Develop Alternative Revenue Streams • Grow Events • Build Better Sponsorships. Package includes: • Club Marketing, Communications & Branding review with recommendations. • Digital Marketing Infrastructure review with recommendations. • Club Culture review with recommendations. • Hosted Strategy & Planning Workshop (Leadership team). • Creation of an updated Brand Identity and Message. • Development of a Communications and Marketing Framework. • Hosted Q&A session on how to brand and market your club more effectively .• Framework to support Memberships, Sponsorships, Funding & Merchandise Sales, Events. • Facebook set-up and configuration (groups, shop, ads manager, audiences, tracking pixels). • Social media marketing campaign design and publish (x 1). • Google SEO and online reviews improvement recommendations. • Training and handover to club administrator. • Mentoring Support for 3-months. • COVID-19 Planning & Support. •  Optional Extra Services: Website Development and Email Marketing Set-up (POA). My Kick-Start Marketing Package is provided by rev™ Branding, my digital brand marketing agency. $995.00 +gst (Normally $1,995 +gst) *50% OFF is valid until June 30 2024 and MUST be pre-paid. Additional Resources Sports Club Mentoring and Advisory by Robert Durrant How to Create a Sports Culture – Free Guide Get in Touch… Speak with me about how we can work together to increase your brand visibility, grow your marketing reach, and to make your club a success now, and for future years. Robert Durrant High Performance Sports Club Mentor & Coach #SportsMarketing #SportsClubMarketing #HowtoGrowSportsClubs #SportsCulture #BuildingaClubCulture #SportsCoaching #SportingClubMarketing #SportsClubDevelopment #SportsClubGrants #SportsAssociations #SportsManagement #PlayerManagement

  • How to Create a Sports Club Culture

    Learn how to create a quality sports culture at your sporting club or association that is inclusive and supportive of ALL its members. Creating a Sports Club Culture Do you remember when your club used to be a buzz of social activity after mid-week training and weekend games? Sports Clubs are placed where their members feel a sense of honour and belonging, and provided a family friendly location, a social point for meet-ups, and a place for business networking. Today, many sports clubs and sports associations struggle just to retain their members, let alone have an increase in patronage at club events. Without strong memberships, successful fundraising programs, and of course sponsorships, sports club revenue drops off and club tends to fall into disarray quickly. How do you get people back to the clubhouse? Well, today’s younger generation (e.g. millennials and gen y) who are part of your club do things a little differently than what your management group probably realise.  Sending out an email or txt message about a social or fundraising event probably won’t be seen. Sports clubs need to move their information and communications online. The faster they adopt digital marketing and eCommerce, the better traction they will have with their audience. How to deal with multi-cultural diversity at your sports club. The days of the $1 sausage sizzle or cheap beers at the bar no longer suit the majority of nationalities who are members of your club.  It’s critical that you make changes to cater for specific dietary requirements and even religious beliefs. It’s now a fundamental task for any sports club or association to ensure they have a ‘culture’ that is inclusive and supportive of all its members. ONLY when you have a quality culture will your club have the ability to engage ALL its members and continue to grow its membership. IT’S THAT SIMPLE! Sports Club Culture Guide – Free Download Download our FREE whitepaper titled How to Create a Sports Culture. I created this simple use free guide to help club committee and steering group members to more easily plan and implement a quality culture at their sports club. Download the free guide from my rev Branding Website. Additional Resources How to Run a Successful Sports Club Sports Club Mentoring by Robert Durrant Lets Chat… We can provide a strategic advisory or mentoring service to help your management team to plan and execute key tasks that will continue to keep the club viable and resilient into the future. Speak with me about how we can work together by providing a mentoring and advisory service for your club.  Together, we can plan and execute key tasks that will make your club a success now, and in future years. Contact Rob on +61 3 9429-2293 or Robert Durrant High Performance Sports Club Mentor & Coach #SportsMarketing #SportsClubMarketing #HowtoGrowSportsClubs #SportsCulture #BuildingaClubCulture #SportsCoaching #SportingClubMarketing #SportsClubDevelopment #SportsClubGrants #SportsAssociations #SportsManagement #PlayerManagement #SportsClubConsultants

  • Sports Club Mentoring by Robert Durrant

    Sports Club Mentoring by Robert Durrant provides strategic and tactical sports club marketing and development solutions that transition sports clubs to an efficient and sustainable operating model. Sports Club Mentoring by Robert Durrant MORE than 70,000 sports clubs operate in Australia. 13.2 million existing memberships. 183,000 club volunteers. To have a successful well-run sports club, it’s critical that you have a resilient framework in place that gives you a robust organisational process and control. In parallel, you also need to maintain a focus on delivering value (and fun) to your club’s members. EVERY sports club faces the same set of common challenges Lack of funds Retaining club members Creating an inclusive culture Marketing and communicating Building long-term resilience. Sporting Club Mentoring and Advisory Service Robert Durrant Mentoring provides marketing, communication, and strategic advisory services for sports clubs, sports associations, and fitness groups. Working with your management team, I’ll show you how to implement systems and processes that will streamline your club’s operationsto make it more efficient, scalable and also resilient. Together, we create a positive and inclusive culture, the foundation that will ultimately drive your club forward and expand your opportunities for membership growth and club funding. Areas of expertise include; Sports Club Branding Digital Transformation and eCommerce Club Marketing & Communications Systems & Processes Sponsorships & Alternative Funding Club Culture & Leadership. How do we help? In most cases, I work directly with your management team or committee members through a series of workshops to design a strategic plan that supports your club’s branding, marketing and communications. Our focus is on; Club Brand Development and Marketing Growing Memberships Developing your Funding Programs Building Club Events Member Communications Growing Sponsorships. Sports Club Mentoring & Advisory Service 3 x Facilitated Strategy Workshops (Zoom meeting) Development of a Club Resilience Strategic Plan Membership Improvement Plan Marketing Plan Club Culture Plan Funding Plan. Investment: $995 plus gst Learn More Sports Club Marketing Kick-Start Program I also help companies to kick-start their club’s marketing and communications using the rev™ Branding Kick-Start Sports Club Marketing Program. This is a service offered through rev™ Branding, my digital brand marketing agency. Additional Resources How to Run a Successful Sports ClubReturn to Play Framework for Sports Club post COVID-19 How to Build a Sports Culture – Free Guide Lets Chat… We can provide a strategic advisory or mentoring service to help your management team to plan and execute key tasks that will continue to keep the club viable and resilient into the future. Speak with me about how we can work together by providing a mentoring and advisory service for your club.  Together, we can plan and execute key tasks that will make your club a success now, and in future years. Contact Rob on +61 3 9429-2293 or Robert Durrant High Performance Sports Club Mentor & Coach #SportsMarketing #SportsClubMarketing #HowtoGrowSportsClubs #SportsCulture #BuildingaClubCulture #SportsCoaching #SportingClubMarketing #SportsClubDevelopment #SportsClubGrants #SportsAssociations #SportsManagement #PlayerManagement #SportsClubConsultants

  • Professional Development in Farming

    Rob joins Bec and Cath on their Nature of Business Consulting Podcast, “How professional development fits into the farming and agribusiness sector”. Professional Development in Farming and Agribusiness Had an absolute blast joining Rebecca and Catherine from the Nature of Business Consulting on their Podcast about how professional development fits into the farming and agribusiness sector! For today’s farmers and their employees, having a ‘people efficient’ farm doesn’t need to be such a huge challenge as many might think? Putting in a little bit of effort to improve the workplace culture with training, coaching and mentoring can result in some significant rewards for your farm? Employees who are provided with relevant training, encouragement, guidance, rewards, and also the possibilities for career development, will be much more likely to work harder, care about doing their job correctly, and stay longer to help you grow your business. For farmers, they must allocate time to continue learning and staying in front of industry trends. Having additional skills and also challenging themselves with new experiences will build their confidence and motivation. New farm skills and trends Business management Technology advances Staff management, training and culture Even non-farming skills e.g. planning an exit strategy. In some cases, Farmers may need to reinvent their business model to ensure a sustainable and viable business will be there for future generations. Most importantly, they need to be open to change, and the adoption of new ways of thinking…or like many we’ve seen in the past, will simply be left behind! How to make a change? If you feel that you’re ready to make a change, and are wanting to look at ways that could potentially change your farm business or career, then here are a few steps to get you underway. Create a plan: Jot down on some paper a few notes about what you want to achieve and the reason for this?  Expand into areas such as what you want, when you want it, how to get it, when to get it, and what is going to change?Ask us for our free personal development template! Build a timeline: Having a timeline allows you to visualise how long this journey might take to achieve.Think about how long this journey might take? Do you need to invest or diversify? Will you need to re-skill? Are there any significant barriers ahead of you? All of these types of questions will ultimately impact your timeframe. Research: It is really important that you take time to research what it is you want to achieve. There is no use spending years to plan for something that isn’t really what you expected it would be?  Learn the various aspects of the role or segment, and think about what it means to you. Remember the things that you need to accomplish along the way and include them in your plan. Build connections: Start networking. The BEST way to learn about your journey is to talk with others already in that segment. Attend seminars and conferences and make connections. Use tools like LinkedIn and Facebook to meet people in groups so that you can ask questions.  These connections will also be a support channel for you later. Up-skill: Think about any skills or experience you may need to reach your goal. Note the skills you will need, research those courses and get started. Sometimes re-skilling can take years so don’t leave this to the last minute. Plan for redundancies: Sometimes things don’t always work out for the best. If you have dependants in your life to think about, it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan ready, just in case. Build your support network: It’s often the people who don’t ask for help that are the ones that usually get into trouble.  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and assistance or simply a question. Use your network to gain knowledge and valuable insights. Don’t try and be an expert at everything! Listen to the full Podcast Click to View this post on Instagram Professional Development is something we don't often excel at in the Agi industry, so we have brought in the Big Guns to get you excited! ?? Rob Durrant needs his own podcast just to go through who he is, and what he has accomplished! But just to give you a quick run down, he mentors some of our great AFL players, has worked for Channel 9, Fox, NBC and has experience in radio! I told you we brought in the big guns! So with no further ado….. Professional Development with @robertdurrant A post shared by Nature Of Business Consulting (@natureofbusinessconsulting) on Aug 25, 2020 at 1:30pm PDT Think you might benefit from a Mentor? Speak to me about my high-performance mentoring, coaching and skill development services. I can help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals Learn More >>> Need some Business Marketing? My company rev Branding is a Brand Development and Marketing Agency based in Melbourne. We help small business to more easily describe, communicate, and market their business brand to drive sales and growth opportunities. My team can help you with business branding, marketing, websites, and social media marketing. Learn More >>> Follow me on Social Media! Connect with me >>> To learn more about the mentoring and coaching services available from Robert Durrant, please visit our Mentor Programs or Coaching Services page. Robert Durrant High Performance Mentor & Coach #Agriculture #Farmers #FarmOwner #Agribusiness #FarmMentor #RegionalMentor #FarmBusinessSupport #FarmGuidance #FarmMarketing #Mentoring #BusinessMentoring #MelbourneMentor #GrowthMentor #ProfessionalDevelopment #BusinessGrowth #BusinessDevelopment #BusinessAdvisor #BusinessConsultant #MarketingCoach

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    Entrepreneurship is an exhilarating journey into the unknown, filled with opportunities and challenges that define the path to success. While friends, family, and online resources offer valuable insights, nothing compares to the real-life experience and expertise provided by a Business Mentor or Coach. A Business Mentor becomes your compass in the entrepreneurial landscape, offering continuous knowledge and guidance that directly impacts the growth and strategic planning of your business. Unlike others, they bring a wealth of experience, helping you navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities. The thrill of entrepreneurship lies in pushing boundaries and embracing the unknown, but it's crucial to acknowledge that every challenge faced by an entrepreneur has likely been encountered and overcome by someone on a similar journey. This is where a Business Mentor becomes indispensable. Entrepreneur Mentoring Selecting the right Mentor is a transformative decision for any entrepreneur. The benefits are vast and often underestimated, influencing both personal and business performance. A skilled Entrepreneur Mentor specialises in start-ups, offering immediate access to a network of experts who can enhance the value of your business. Once you've found the right Mentor, the impact on your entrepreneurial journey is profound. They assist in business planning, strategy development, and tactical execution. Their guidance keeps you focused and motivated, offering quality advice to set and achieve goals. The support extends to skills coaching, professional development, and leveraging successes with your team. To maximise the Mentorship experience, effective communication is key. Prepare discussion topics in advance, use management reports to track progress, and respect your Mentor's time. Actively engage in the relationship, ask questions, complete tasks on time, and foster mutual respect. In the pursuit of business growth and problem-solving, there's no magic solution. It requires time, knowledge, hard work, and the right guidance. If you're launching a new business, overwhelmed with questions, and struggling to manage your time effectively, a Business Mentor or Coach can be your ally in success. For those seeking a high-performance Mentor and Coach, Robert Durrant offers a wealth of experience and a proven track record. Explore the Start-Up Business Acceleration Program, Professional Development Mentoring available from Rob. Learn how to choose the right Mentor or Coach to propel your entrepreneurial journey forward. If you're ready to turn your business aspirations into reality, send a quick message to initiate a conversation with Robert Durrant. Discover the transformative power of Entrepreneur Mentoring and take the first step towards unlocking your business potential. Thinking about a Mentor? Learn how to maximise your potential by engaging a mentor for expert support, ensuring success in your business and professional journey. Speak to Rob In Melbourne on 03 9429-2293 or shoot him a quick message. Related links: Robert Durrant Mentoring Professional Development & Mentoring Executive Coaching Services #Mentoring #BusinessMentoring #MelbourneMentor #GrowthMentor #ProfessionalDevelopment #BusinessGrowth #BusinessDevelopment #BusinessAdvisor #BusinessConsultant #MarketingCoach #ExecutiveCoaching #LeadershipCoaching

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