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Robert Durrant mentoring

3 Minute Benchmarking Tool

Our FREE Online Professional Development Benchmarking is a confidential way to scorecard your professional development and identify development opportunities.

Professional Development Self Improvement Benchmarking and Scorecarding Online Tool

Our free self-run professional development scorecard service that helps you to identify opportunities to elevate your skills and enhance your career.

Free Service

Our self-run online benchmarking tool enables you to answer simple questions to evaluate your career development. Access on your phone during breaks or travel.


Take advantage of our free benchmarking tool which is user-friendly, ensures confidentiality and security. Get started now!


Optional personalised feedback and guidance from Rob! Begin to develop your career journey with confidence and precision.

Improvement Advice



Robert Durrant's 3-Min Professional Development Benchmarking Tool revolutionises career growth.


Designed for self-run efficiency, it enables a swift 3-minute elevation of professional development.


The tool's simplicity doesn't compromise on confidentiality and security. Complete the scorecarding on your phone while on a break or in transit, or using your desktop computer.

Users effortlessly identify skill improvement areas, kick-starting their career journey.


Upon completion, an optional detailed report awaits, providing a comprehensive overview.


For those seeking personalised insights, opt for Robert Durrant's tailored recommendations and tips.


Elevate your career development with ease, confidence, and precision, setting the stage for continuous improvement and success in the professional realm.

Make the change and get started today!

Start Making Changes Today!

3-Min Benchmarketing

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