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Unlocking Career Development Opportunities: The MY Development Program by Robert Durrant Mentoring

Updated: Jun 24

In the pursuit of growing a professional career, many individuals find themselves held back by hidden barriers and skill gaps that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

The MY Development Program by Robert Durrant Mentoring is specifically designed to uncover these obstacles and equip you with the advice, tools and coaching that is needed to overcome them, setting you on a clear path to achieving your career objectives.

Understanding the Hidden Barriers that’s holding your career Back

Most professionals encounter invisible hurdles that impede their career progression.

These barriers can be anything from unrecognised weaknesses through to unidentified strengths that are not being fully leveraged.

The MY Development Program is a comprehensive initiative that aims to identify these hidden factors, allowing you to address them head-on.

By bringing these issues to light, you can better understand what has been holding you back and take proactive steps to overcome them. Stop running around in circles, put a plan into place now.

A Structured Path to Success

The MY Development Program offers a structured framework that guides you through the process of self-discovery, goal setting, and skill development. Here's how it works...

Identification of Barriers: The program starts by identifying the specific characteristics that are hindering your progress. This involves a thorough analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as any work challenges you may be facing.

Goal Setting: With a clear understanding of your current position, the next step is to set achievable and realistic goals. These goals are tailored to your unique needs and career aspirations, ensuring that you have a clear direction to work towards.

Essential Tools and Support: To help you overcome your professional development barriers, the program provides a variety of tools and templates. These resources are designed to enhance your skills, improve your leadership abilities, and foster greater engagement and motivation in your work.

Support Services: Develop and grow your professional development through a range of training, mentoring and coaching services.

A Personalised ‘MY Plan’ Approach

Every participant in the MY Development Program receives a personalised and tailored MY Development Plan.

Robert Durrant works one-on-one with each client to develop this plan, ensuring that it is customised to suit your specific needs and professional objectives. The program spans two months and includes...

Face-to-Face Consultation Sessions: The one-on-one forums provide an opportunity to define your objectives, discuss your progress, address any challenges, and refine your development plan.

Meet-Ups: Regular check-ins help ensure that you stay on track and continue making progress towards your goals.

Tools and Templates: It’s not just lip-service. Rob provides a range of tools and templates that are used to analyse, document and manage your MY Plan on an ongoing process.

Comprehensive Ongoing Mentoring Support

Rob’s Professional Development Mentoring services provide the guidance and expertise that turn the MY Plan framework into career progression.

Fuel your professional growth, open new channels, network with industry leaders by benefiting from:

Meet-Ups: Regular face-to-face meetings that allow you to address any challenges and highlight opportunities. Use these sessions to brainstorm great ideas.

Management Reports: These detailed progress reports provide detailed insights into your development, helping you to measure your progress and identify areas for improvement.

On-Demand Support: Whether you need advice on a specific issue or general guidance, Rob is available via phone or email to provide continuous assistance.

Key Benefits of the MY Plan Program

The MY Development Program is designed to help you achieve a range of professional goals, including:

Identifying and Resolving Career Development Barriers: By pinpointing your weaknesses and strengths, you can take targeted actions to overcome obstacles.

Building Leadership Skills: The program enhances your knowledge, skills, and abilities, making you a more effective leader.

Fostering Engagement and Motivation: By addressing internal issues and creating a clear plan, you can foster higher levels of engagement and enthusiasm in your work.

Staying Focused and On Track: The structured approach of the program ensures that you remain focused on your goals and continue making progress.

Start Growing your Professional Development

If you find yourself struggling to achieve your professional career goals, it may be time to consider the MY Development Program and Professional Mentoring by Robert Durrant Mentoring.

By identifying the hidden factors that are holding you back and providing the tools and support needed to overcome them, this program can help you unlock your full potential and achieve the success you deserve.

Be proactive and start working with Rob to tailor a program to meet your specific and unique needs so that you can embark on a journey of professional growth and career development today.

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