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Robert Durrant mentoring

Sports Club Mentoring by Robert Durrant

Updated: Jan 7

Sports Club Mentoring by Robert Durrant provides strategic and tactical sports club marketing and development solutions that transition sports clubs to an efficient and sustainable operating model.

Sports Club Mentoring by Robert Durrant

  • MORE than 70,000 sports clubs operate in Australia.

  • 13.2 million existing memberships.

  • 183,000 club volunteers.

To have a successful well-run sports club, it’s critical that you have a resilient framework in place that gives you a robust organisational process and control.

In parallel, you also need to maintain a focus on delivering value (and fun) to your club’s members.

EVERY sports club faces the same set of common challenges

  • Lack of funds

  • Retaining club members

  • Creating an inclusive culture

  • Marketing and communicating

  • Building long-term resilience.

Sporting Club Mentoring and Advisory Service

Robert Durrant Mentoring provides marketing, communication, and strategic advisory services for sports clubs, sports associations, and fitness groups.

Working with your management team, I’ll show you how to implement systems and processes that will streamline your club’s operationsto make it more efficient, scalable and also resilient.

Together, we create a positive and inclusive culture, the foundation that will ultimately drive your club forward and expand your opportunities for membership growth and club funding.

Areas of expertise include;

  • Sports Club Branding

  • Digital Transformation and eCommerce

  • Club Marketing & Communications

  • Systems & Processes

  • Sponsorships & Alternative Funding

  • Club Culture & Leadership.

How do we help?

In most cases, I work directly with your management team or committee members through a series of workshops to design a strategic plan that supports your club’s branding, marketing and communications.

Our focus is on;

  1. Club Brand Development and Marketing

  2. Growing Memberships

  3. Developing your Funding Programs

  4. Building Club Events

  5. Member Communications

  6. Growing Sponsorships.

Sports Club Mentoring & Advisory Service

  • 3 x Facilitated Strategy Workshops (Zoom meeting)

  • Development of a Club Resilience Strategic Plan

  • Membership Improvement Plan

  • Marketing Plan

  • Club Culture Plan

  • Funding Plan.

Investment: $995 plus gst

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Sports Club Marketing Kick-Start Program

I also help companies to kick-start their club’s marketing and communications using the rev™ Branding Kick-Start Sports Club Marketing Program. This is a service offered through rev™ Branding, my digital brand marketing agency.

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Lets Chat…

We can provide a strategic advisory or mentoring service to help your management team to plan and execute key tasks that will continue to keep the club viable and resilient into the future.

Speak with me about how we can work together by providing a mentoring and advisory service for your club.  Together, we can plan and execute key tasks that will make your club a success now, and in future years.

Contact Rob on +61 3 9429-2293 or

Robert Durrant

High Performance Sports Club Mentor & Coach


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