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Does Mentoring really live up to its Hype?

Updated: Jan 7

Mentoring has played an essential role in helping people advance their career with personal and professional development. But does it really live up to all the hype?

Does mentoring really live up to its hype?

Mentoring has played an essential role in helping people advance their career with personal and professional development.

In days gone by, many companies believed that “training” was sufficient enough to help people develop into their roles and careers. Although important, training plays only ONE PART of a total development solution.

Over the years, companies providing mentoring and coaching services have been marketing these solutions as a “success package” promising that you would magically “achieve your dreams and goals” when in fact, there really is no silver bullet for success (in the end, you still need to produce your own results)

Truth be known, the people signing up for these so-called “success packages” were most probably struggling from the start and believed that a mentor would be a saviour to their problems.

While there are no silver bullets, mentoring is important for individuals and also organisations. When applied correctly, it’s had some significant results.

For individuals – Professional and personal development can expand your knowledge and skills, help you to gain valuable advice from more experienced people, and ultimately build your professional network and career.

For organisations – Strategically develops employee talent, which contributes to the company’s growth, innovation, and bottom-line sales. It also highlights management’s support, interest, and concern for an employee’s development and overall potential within the company.

“Company leadership should embrace, promote and value mentoring programs to realise a return on investmentHarvard Business Review writer Anthony K. TJan.

Mentoring and Coaching services provided by agencies today need to be tailored to the individual. Every person is different. They not only learn and adapt to change in different ways, but they also have very different challenges to overcome.

Traditional broad-based “classroom style” or online courses will not cut it.

Before you can even start a mentoring or coaching service, there is a range of factors that need to be understood and qualified first!

  • What are the goals or milestones?

  • What are the challenges you have been facing?

  • What has prevented you from reaching your goals thus far?

  • What is your mental and physical state?

  • How is your routine?

  • What are your positive and also negative traits?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

It’s also vital that you find a mentor or coach that you relate with?

These people may have achieved something great, or they may just be someone you are comfortable to confide within (and trust) respect = trust.

When choosing a mentor or coach, it’s also a good idea to understand clearing what services they provide and also how they operate. Each company operates in different ways, so you need to find something that you feel comfortable with and suits your needs.

As an example of this, Robert Durrant Mentoring packages their services up into three components.

  1. Mentor Connection (The click factor).

  2. Choose a package.

  3. Meet and Greet.

Ultimately, self-improvement only works when an individual recognises that they could benefit from some help or guidance from others.

Whether its personal or professional development, business mentoring, entrepreneur mentoring, sales coaching or even marketing coaching, it’s crucial that you find a Mentor that suits YOU!

Ready to dip your toe into Mentoring?

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Need some help?

Robert Durrant provides high-performance mentoring, coaching and skill development services to help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals.

To learn more about the mentoring and coaching services available from Robert Durrant, please visit our Mentor Programs or Coaching Services page or call 03 9429-2293 or email

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