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Professional Development in Farming

Updated: Jan 7

Rob joins Bec and Cath on their Nature of Business Consulting Podcast, “How professional development fits into the farming and agribusiness sector”.

Professional Development in Farming and Agribusiness

Had an absolute blast joining Rebecca and Catherine from the Nature of Business Consulting on their Podcast about how professional development fits into the farming and agribusiness sector!

For today’s farmers and their employees, having a ‘people efficient’ farm doesn’t need to be such a huge challenge as many might think?

Putting in a little bit of effort to improve the workplace culture with training, coaching and mentoring can result in some significant rewards for your farm?

Employees who are provided with relevant training, encouragement, guidance, rewards, and also the possibilities for career development, will be much more likely to work harder, care about doing their job correctly, and stay longer to help you grow your business.

For farmers, they must allocate time to continue learning and staying in front of industry trends. Having additional skills and also challenging themselves with new experiences will build their confidence and motivation.

  • New farm skills and trends

  • Business management

  • Technology advances

  • Staff management, training and culture

  • Even non-farming skills e.g. planning an exit strategy.

In some cases, Farmers may need to reinvent their business model to ensure a sustainable and viable business will be there for future generations.

Most importantly, they need to be open to change, and the adoption of new ways of thinking…or like many we’ve seen in the past, will simply be left behind!

How to make a change?

If you feel that you’re ready to make a change, and are wanting to look at ways that could potentially change your farm business or career, then here are a few steps to get you underway.

Create a plan:

Jot down on some paper a few notes about what you want to achieve and the reason for this?  Expand into areas such as what you want, when you want it, how to get it, when to get it, and what is going to change?Ask us for our free personal development template!

Build a timeline:

Having a timeline allows you to visualise how long this journey might take to achieve.Think about how long this journey might take? Do you need to invest or diversify? Will you need to re-skill? Are there any significant barriers ahead of you? All of these types of questions will ultimately impact your timeframe.


It is really important that you take time to research what it is you want to achieve. There is no use spending years to plan for something that isn’t really what you expected it would be?  Learn the various aspects of the role or segment, and think about what it means to you. Remember the things that you need to accomplish along the way and include them in your plan.

Build connections:

Start networking. The BEST way to learn about your journey is to talk with others already in that segment. Attend seminars and conferences and make connections. Use tools like LinkedIn and Facebook to meet people in groups so that you can ask questions.  These connections will also be a support channel for you later.


Think about any skills or experience you may need to reach your goal. Note the skills you will need, research those courses and get started. Sometimes re-skilling can take years so don’t leave this to the last minute.

Plan for redundancies:

Sometimes things don’t always work out for the best. If you have dependants in your life to think about, it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan ready, just in case.

Build your support network:

It’s often the people who don’t ask for help that are the ones that usually get into trouble.  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and assistance or simply a question. Use your network to gain knowledge and valuable insights. Don’t try and be an expert at everything!

Listen to the full Podcast

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