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Robert Durrant mentoring

Start-Up Business Accelerator Program

Updated: Jan 7

Robert Durrant’s Start Up Business Accelerator Program is a go-to-market, marketing and sales program with entrepreneur mentoring services.

Got a GREAT business idea but you have no idea how to market it?

When people hear the word ‘start-up’ used in business, they immediately think of a bunch of twenty-something-year-olds getting together in someone’s garage or café running a business.

Let’s be honest, with pretty much any startup business, you also can associate, no funding, no customers, and an overly enthusiastic bunch of entrepreneurs. Are they wrong?

Robert Durrant Business and Entrepreneur Mentoring is a program designed specifically to help young entrepreneurs to validate their business idea, commercialise it, and then bring it to market.

We know that Start-ups often fail because they simply don’t recognise the importance of business planning and design – specifically around product / market fit.  Even with a perfect product, being able to scale the growth of the business is also a challenge.

Start-ups are under extreme resource and financial constraints, and they battle many other small businesses all trying to promote their offer to the same target market.

How does a start-up get the chance to explain to prospects that they have a NEW and superior solution to solve their problem?

For the past 20-years, Robert Durrant has helped numerous start-up companies with their product development, marketing and sales.

Robert Durrant Start-Up Business Acceleration Program:

  • Business Model Validation and Review

  • Company Brand Storyboard and Positioning Review

  • Company Profile and Sales (Elevator) Pitch Design

  • Brand Marketing Review (Logo, Social Media, Google, LinkedIn, Website, Partners etc.)

  • Marketing Strategy and Tactical Plan Development

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plan Development

  • Target Market Profiling and Audience Segmentation

  • Unique Selling Proposition and Value Positioning

  • Sales Offer Review (Product and/or Service offer)

  • Go-to-Market Campaign Summary

  • Business Development and Lead Generation Plan (MQL and SQL Campaigns)

  • Event Marketing and Lead Management Plan

  • Channel Development Plan

  • Channel and Affiliate Partnering Model

  • Ongoing Business Mentoring and Tutoring.

Robert Durrant Start-Up Business Accelerator Programs are great value at just $3,995 +gst.

Program deliverables include onsite workshops, research, planning, as well as a documented business sales and marketing program.

Every business is a good business, it’s what you say and how you say it is what counts!

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