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Robert Durrant mentoring

Sales Coaching

Elevate sales success for executives and managers. Refine skills, hone processes, ensuring success across every facet of sales expertise

Sales Couching and Sales Mentoring and Business Development Coaching

Empower your sales results with our range of tailored sales programs designed to fuel your sales strategy, enhance team performance, and achieve sustainable sales results.

Multiple Programs

Transform your businesses sales results with sales coaching and development services delivered personally by Rob. Direct support via phone, email and face-to-face meetings.

Personalised Coaching

Strategic and tactical advice and training services to achieve sales success, all delivered through customised packages to meet your specific needs.

Tailored Packages

Tailored new business  development services, each offering flexible duration periods and delivery formats. Create your own customised program...

Various Formats

Program Features

Program Summary

Unlock unparalleled success in sales with Robert Durrant's Sales Coaching Programs.


Tailored for sales managers, executives, and account managers, this program empowers your journey through refined skills, strategic process development, and confidence building.


The comprehensive coaching approach ensures success across every facet of your sales expertise.

Robert's expertise transforms not only your approach to closing deals but also enhances your overall effectiveness in the dynamic sales landscape.

Whether you're a seasoned manager or an emerging executive or account manager, the program adapts to your unique needs, providing the tools and insights necessary to thrive in the competitive world of sales and business development.

Elevate your sales performance, build lasting confidence, and achieve unparalleled success with Robert Durrant's transformative Sales Coaching and Training Programs.

6-hour onsite workshop designed to plan a 12-months sales (and marketing) strategy. Before you spend more money on marketing and events, get a sales plan in place first! Our sales planning workshops are suited to Sales, Business Development, Account Management, and Marketing teams.

Cost: $995.00 +gst

Sales Planning Workshops

Sales Fundamentals is 4-hour training program for front-of-house sales staff who wish to improve their sales engagement and qualification process. Our proven sales framework and process steps will build a quality and sustainable sales pipeline.

Cost: $795.00 +gst Per Person

Sales Fundamentals

Our Business Development Acceleration Program is a 6-hour program designed to leverage skills of competent sales people. This program will enhance your skills within business development, lead generation, sales engagement, sales qualification, and prospect nurturing.

Cost: $995.00 +gst Per Person

Business Development

Sales Presentations make or break the sale.  During our 4-hour rev™ Sales Presentations and Sales Coaching Program, we will show you how to prepare, create, and deliver the BEST presentations and product demonstrations. Learn the art (confidence) to sell to an audience, and then asking them for the sale at the end.

Cost: $795.00 +gst Per Person


For those people who are skilled in sales, but just require some ongoing support, we offer an ongoing sales coaching service to develop your sales skills, your capacity to set and achieve goals, be able to solve problems, create business development opportunities, and to fulfill your sales pipeline potential.

Cost: $995.00 +gst (3 month package)
Cost: $3495.00 +gst (12 month package)

Sales Coaching

Transform your sales approach with our program, crafting effective sales processes and frameworks. We guide companies in building functional sales departments and teams, providing tools for lead generation, sales qualification training, and pipeline management. Elevate your sales strategy, enhance team performance, and achieve sustainable success in the competitive business landscape.

Sales Process

Sales Programs

Flexible sales packages that can be tailored to suit your specific needs.


Service can be provided at your office, our office, or third- party training room.


Refer to the breakdown of my sales programs (above).


Refer to the breakdown of my sales programs (above).


How it Works!

Flexible pricing and duration periods are available. Customise a program to fit your specific needs, ensuring optimal value for your investment.

Rob delivers a range of comprehensive sales and business development programs in either one-on-one, classroom or online format.

“Having Rob involved in our business for the past six months has been great. His insights & guidance have really shaped the way we’re thinking about our processes not only in sales & marketing, but encompassing the whole business.“

James Verney


3 Minute Professional Development Scorecarding and Benchmarking

Our 3 Minute Benchmark Test is a secure and confidential way of measuring your personal and professional performance.

3 Minute Benchmarketing

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