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Selling on LinkedIn – Growing your Network

Updated: Jan 8

Module 3: How to grow your LinkedIn network and increase online impressions.

  • 91% of Australian executives rate LinkedIn as their first choice for professionally relevant content

  • B2B Marketers globally prefer to use LinkedIn over Facebook

  • 65% of buyers feel that the vendor’s content had an impact on their purchase decision.

LinkedIn has become far more than just an online business networking platform.

In our last article, we spoke about how to create a kick-arse LinkedIn profile by creating a Professional Brand and incorporating this within a LinkedIn Profile Makeover.

Once you have these two essential tasks completed, it’s now time to Grow your LinkedIn Network ready to commence your engagement and interaction process (next article).

The goal of this task is to:

  1. Be noticed more often (online impressions)

  2. Appear in more searches

  3. Build credibility and trust

  4. Grow your network.

Growing your LinkedIn Network

Research suggests 65% of buyers feel that the vendor’s content played a significant impact on their final purchase decision.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that you need to be publishing more articles, more often!

I can hear you already “Writing articles takes so much time and I’m not really good at it” well you don’t have to write a 5000-word article each day.

As part of this Growing your LinkedIn Network module, we show you a bunch of ways for you to generate content that doesn’t lock you at a typewriter…

Growing your LinkedIn network does require you to ‘go and get’ contacts as opposed just to waiting (hoping) that they come and read your articles.

We recommend that you develop a sales target list that can be used to search and engage profiles on LinkedIn.

DO NOT just go and start randomly adding people on LinkedIn.

You’ll be in a worse situation than before you started (and also have your profile reported).  There is a methodology that we use to ensure your connections are welcomed and accepted (and messages returned).

Growing your LinkedIn Network and Increasing Online Impressions

Module 3 Contents:

Develop a LinkedIn sales plan: In your plan, think about the people/companies you will want to target, what you want to achieve, your introduction and value proposition, plus the desired action you want to happen?

Plan out your content marketing: Grow your audience and impressions by creating a range of articles and posts. Make sure you engage with people who comment or like your posts.

LinkedIn Groups: Think about how you can utilise ‘subject-related interest groups’ on LinkedIn

Learn how to use the search functionality properly (free or paid): Identify the people and company profiles that you want to engage with, and start to follow them on LinkedIn. You can also find connections easily by importing your contact list.

Get the most of each profile you connect with: Take your time to research each profile by reviewing the “Highlights Section”, “People also Viewed”, and the “Mutual Connections”. You might open additional business opportunities from their connections.

Utilise Referrals: Don’t be scared to ask for a referral on LinkedIn (That is what it’s for)

Use the “Who viewed your profile”: We can show you some creative ways to use this feature to create quality connections.

Keep visible: Publish short-form posts 1 to 3 times per week to keep your profile visible.

Use the LinkedIn Publisher: You can post quality ‘long-form articles’ that will build your credibility and position you as a subject matter expert.

Take advantage of LinkedIn Stories: Post short-term stories like you would on Facebook or Instagram to grab people’s attention.

Review your LinkedIn notifications: It’s important that you review your LinkedIn notification EVERY day to ensure you do not miss out on important updates or messages. Install the LinkedIn app to make this easier.

To learn how to grow your LinkedIn network and increase your online impressions by booking your place in our Selling on LinkedIn: Module 3 – Growing your LinkedIn Network.

Investment: $695 +gst

Bundled Offers

Module 3 + 4 for just $1,195 +gst (Save $195)

Selling on LinkedIn

My Selling on LinkedIn Service is a 4-module system which has been designed specifically for business owners, managers, sales or account managers to want to use LinkedIn as a cost-effective business development tool.

Module 1. Creating your Professional Brand Learn More >>>

Module 2. Optimising your LinkedIn Profile Learn More >>>

Module 3. Growing your Audience and Networking [This Module]

Module 4. Selling on the LinkedIn Network to Generate Business Learn More >>>

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