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Selling on LinkedIn Service

Updated: Jan 8

How to sell on LinkedIn WITHOUT the advertising costs or looking like a sales sleaze.

LinkedIn is considered the world’s MOST important business networking platform!

  • B2B Marketers globally prefer to use LinkedIn over Facebook

  • 80% of B2B sales leads come from LinkedIn networks

  • 45% of business marketers have gained customers through LinkedIn

  • 91% of Australian executives rate LinkedIn as their first choice for professionally relevant content.

  • Around 45% of the LinkedIn content consumers are in upper-level positions (managers, CEOs, VPs, Directors, and C-Level Management).

With more than 500 million professional profiles, LinkedIn provides an almost unlimited supply of business network connections, career options, and brand marketing opportunities.

With extensive investment in software development across modules such as LinkedIn Recruitment, LinkedIn Learning, Professional Groups, and Sales Navigator now sees LinkedIn as the world’s leading business platform.

Over the years, marketers have abused the sales opportunity of LinkedIn and have been pestering the business profiles with spammy sales messages and offers.

Today, reputable business people who use LinkedIn have become more protected of their profile information and the acceptance of connection and message requests (for good reason).

As a result, the LinkedIn platform has become more difficult to use and can be a challenge for authentic business people who are trying to use it for networking, lead generation, education, and showcasing product innovation & achievements.

Using LinkedIn the RIGHT way!

LinkedIn Loyalists’ like myself can teach you how to use LinkedIn the RIGHT way.

Over the last 20 years using LinkedIn through trial and error, I’ve worked out how to build trust and credibility on LinkedIn, the foundation that has allowed me to successfully promote my business brands, create some amazing business connection, and also generate sales.

NO, this is NOT another “buy my system for guaranteed $ales results”Those systems, as you know, are rubbish, and do nothing apart from destroying your credibility or worse, have your profile reported.

Nothing I have created here is rocket science trust me…Yes, you can do all of this yourself (if you have the time).

After years of dealing with so-called LinkedIn training professionals, each trying to flog their “secret formula to success,” I’ve taken the bits that actually did work and combined them with the systems we created and used ourselves; we’ve done the hard part.

The result is a well-documented process of all the things that have worked for me, PLUS the supporting tools, templates, tricks and tips all bundled into my ‘Selling on LinkedIn’ Service.

Selling on LinkedIn service is not another long-winded subscription program where you pay me, download the files, and then forget about it.

This one-on-one service is a 4-module series that we do together, keeping you focused and on track.

I am really happy with this program, and I feel that its best suited to business owners / managers, sales and account managers, plus entrepreneurs launching a start-up business.

If you want to use LinkedIn as a cost-effective business development and branding tool without annoying your audience, being spammy, or coming across as a sales sleaze, then my Selling on LinkedIn service is PERFECT for you…

Selling on LinkedIn Modules

Selling on LinkedIn Service is a 4-module system which has been designed specifically for business owners, managers, sales or account managers to want to use LinkedIn as a cost-effective business development tool.

Module 1. Creating your Professional Brand

7 out of 10 professionals describe LinkedIn as a trustworthy source of professional content.

  • Brand profile description

  • Elevator pitch

  • Value proposition

  • Skills and expertise summary

  • Target market & audience segmentation

  • Credibility & subject expertise plan.

Investment: $495 +gst View Program Details

Module 2. Optimising your LinkedIn Profile

50% of buyers avoid sales professionals with incomplete LinkedIn profiles.

  • Brand Experience & Perception review

  • Profile design & layout

  • Profile message and industry positioning

  • Credibility, trust & industry relevance strategy

  • Client engagement & sales strategy and tactics.

Investment: $495 +gst View Program Details

Module 3. Growing your Audience and Networking

Research suggests 65% of buyers feel that the vendor’s content played a significant impact on their final purchase decision.

  • Developing a LinkedIn Sales Plan

  • How to use relationship selling

  • Growing your LinkedIn audience

  • How to connect with existing clients on LinkedIn

  • Identifying target people and companies

  • Using the search functionality properly (free or paid)

  • Using LinkedIn referrals and recommendations

  • Creating a Content Marketing Plan

  • Building your brand credibility and trust

  • Publishing quality articles specific to your field of expertise

  • Interacting with prospects who comment on articles or posts

  • Keeping your profile visible

  • Using LinkedIn Publisher to drive engagement

  • How to get the most from LinkedIn Groups

  • Reviewing your LinkedIn notifications.

Investment: $695 +gst View Program Details

Module 4. Selling on the LinkedIn Network to Generate Business

84% of B2B decision-makers begin their buying process with a referral from a mutual connection.

  • Develop your engagement messaging plan

  • How to participate and interact within LinkedIn groups

  • How to research your target profiles using Sales Navigator

  • How to correctly analyse your prospect’s profile (About, Highlights, Activity, Experience)

  • Selling via LinkedIn referrals and recommendations

  • How to use the ‘who viewed your profile’ function to connect with prospects

  • Using LinkedIn for competitive intelligence

  • How to create partner campaigns and promotions

  • How to keep your profile visible and active on LinkedIn

  • Personalising the conversation and experience for prospects

  • Tips and tricks that guarantee engagement with your prospects

  • How to move the conversation off LinkedIn.

Investment: $695 +gst View Program Details

Bundled Offers

Module 1 + 2 for just $895 +gst (Save $95)

Module 3 + 4 for just $1,195 +gst (Save $195)

Do you prefer a ‘Self-Run’ LinkedIn Program?

I’ve also created self-run LinkedIn Business Development Program which is sold by rev Branding as part of their Sales Training and Development Toolkit.

LinkedIn No No’s

  1. Don’t use software tools to automate your LinkedIn Connections or messages

  2. Don’t just send out a bunch of connection requests to random people on LinkedIn

  3. Don’t try and flog something on your first messages

  4. Don’t ignore rejection messages. Be professional and follow through and thank people for their time.

It’s fundamental that you understand that selling on LinkedIn can ONLY be achieved through creating a relationship first!

If you do not understand this nor want to abide by the principles of relationship selling on LinkedIn, then honestly, this will be a complete waste of your time and it will not work.

Once you have learnt and adopt our Selling on LinkedIn principles, it should take you between 10-20 mins per day (as a minimum) to processes the notifications and action the various sales engagement tasks we teach you.

Meet Robert Durrant?

Robert Durrant provides high-performance mentoring, coaching and skill development services to help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals.

To learn more about the mentoring and coaching services available from Robert Durrant, please visit our Mentor Programs or Coaching Services page.

Robert Durrant

High Performance Mentor & Coach


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