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Selling on LinkedIn (the RIGHT way)

Updated: Jan 8

Module 4: Selling on LinkedIn without being annoying, sending spammy messages, or looking like a sales sleaze.

  • 45% of business marketers have gained customers through LinkedIn

  • 80% of B2B sales leads come from LinkedIn

  • Around 45% of the LinkedIn content readers hold upper-level positions (CEOs, VPs, Directors, and C-Level).

LinkedIn has become one of the world’s leading platforms for businesses-to-business (B2B) sales.

Unfortunately, ‘business marketers’ have managed to turn LinkedIn into a spammy sales platform which has resulted in LinkedIn profiles being more guarded when it comes to accepting connections and message requests (for good reason).

As a result, the LinkedIn platform has become more difficult to perform the simple actions that it was originally designed for, e.g. networking, lead generation, education, showcasing product innovation and achievements.

However, all is not in vain.

LinkedIn Loyalists’ like myself, teach people how to use LinkedIn for business development the RIGHT way!

Over the last 20 years using LinkedIn, and through a heap of trial and error, I’ve worked out how to create trust and credibility on LinkedIn that’s allowed me to successfully promote my brands and generate a decent amount of business.

NO, this is NOT another “buy my system for guaranteed $ales results”Those systems are rubbish and do nothing apart from degrading your credibility or have your profile reported.

This isn’t a “failsafe system” or “secret to financial success” in reality, it’s a really simple and logical system to use LinkedIn to grow sales while upholding your credibility.

After years of trialling various LinkedIn trainers and their various programs, I’ve taken the bits that actually did work and combined them with our systems to which we’ve had some great success.

We’ve done the hard part for you!

I’ve created the how-to files, tools, templates, and also tips/tricks and bundled them into Module 4 – Engaging with your LinkedIn Audience to Generate Business.

If you’re in sales or account management, and you want to use LinkedIn as a cost-effective business development tool without annoying your audience, being spammy, or coming across as a sales sleaze, then book your place for the LinkedIn Sales Module (4).

Engaging with your LinkedIn Audience to Generate Business

84% of B2B decision-makers begin their buying process with a referral from a mutual connection.

It’s fundamental that you understand that selling on LinkedIn can ONLY be achieved through creating a relationship first!

If you do not understand this, nor want to abide by the principles of relationship selling on LinkedIn, then honestly, this module will be a complete waste of time.

Module 4 Contents:

Develop a LinkedIn sales plan: Have a plan in place that defines the people/companies you will want to target, what you want to achieve, your introduction and value proposition, plus the desired action you want to happen?

Develop your messaging plan: Build out your message format and sequence.  Think about your introduction / elevator pitch, value offer, plus your desired action or outcome.

Engage your LinkedIn targets: Study each profile and learn a bit about them before you create a connection and direct message.

Join and contribute to the online groups:  Identify the key influencers within groups and make contact with them. It’s a great idea to skim through the group feed and find relevant topics that you can reply to and develop a common interest.

Track who viewed your profile:  This tool can be used as part of the LinkedIn engagement process we teach you.

Get the most of each profile you connect with: Take your time to research each profile by reviewing the “Highlights Section”, “People also Viewed”, and the “Mutual Connections”. You might open additional business opportunities from their connections or at least have more in common to talk about.

Use LinkedIn to build market intelligence: Don’t forget to also use the information on LinkedIn to improve your market intelligence and understanding about your segment and competitors.

Personalise the conversation: Each of your connection requests or messages should be customised and personalised. This vastly improves the chance of being accepted.

Partner up to run online campaigns: Work with another company to run online campaigns like webinars and promotions. Utilise each other’s networks to market to a far greater LinkedIn audience.

Take the conversation off LinkedIn: It’s important that you take the connection to the next level. This is also a great way for you to re-qualify the lead to see if they are genuine or interested.

Investment: $695 +gst

Bundled Offers

Module 3 + 4 for just $1,195 +gst (Save $195)

This Selling on LinkedIn Module has been specifically designed for business owners, managers, sales or account managers to quickly begin generating new business via LinkedIn.

Once you have learnt and adopt our Selling on LinkedIn principles, it should take you between 10-20 mins per day (as a minimum) to processes the notifications and action the various sales engagement tasks we teach you.

Do you prefer a ‘Self-Run’ LinkedIn Program?

I’ve also created self-run LinkedIn Business Development Program which is sold by rev Branding as part of their Sales Training and Development Toolkit.

Selling on LinkedIn 'Service'

Selling on LinkedIn Service is a 4-module system which has been designed specifically for business owners, managers, sales or account managers to want to use LinkedIn as a cost-effective business development tool.

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Module 4. Selling on the LinkedIn Network to Generate Business [This Module]

Who is Robert Durrant?

Robert Durrant provides high-performance mentoring, coaching and skill development services to help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals.

To learn more about the mentoring and coaching services available from Robert Durrant, please visit our Mentor Programs or Coaching Services page.

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